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Back to Life... Back to Reality...

One of the most wonderful times of the year..back to school. {enter applause} I LOVE back to school, I thrive on schedules and crisp Fall air - its my happy place. Bring on the jeans and sweaters and pumpkins and apple cider!!!
As much as I adore sunshine, pool parties and perfectly tanned skin, I tend to wear out of summer - which is why I love Fall so much, its a new start!  One of the best parts is getting everything organized (by far my favorite part) If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some of my late summer prep to get a head start on food prep, and how I plan for each week.  Truth be told if I don't organize I'm screwed.  Seriously I might as well hang on to the tail pipe because these crazy schedules, activities, sports, homework not to mention regular work will drag me through the mud.  So here are some tips to keep me on track - and now that I do them every week its a no brainer and allows me to be the best me whether I'm selling homes at work, help…

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